Accession Agreement
Our site respects Law No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008 of the Assembly of Albania for the Protection of Personal Data. Members agree to behave ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law. We cannot allow any form of abuse, which will result in the interruption of information communication. It is the responsibility of each individual to use our service correctly, respecting the privacy of others as well as their authorship. It is the responsibility of the members if they publish information and/or data of others or from others without their permission. We invite you to let us know if you judge cases of irresponsible member communications. People who use insults repeatedly will not be allowed to participate in our site. We can send you a warning, a temporary suspension, suspension without limit or final removal from the site and its services in cases where:
a) there is a violation of this agreement,
b) inability to verify the truth of the information you give us, or
c) if we judge that your actions lead to legal obstacles for you, other users or us.
d) when your objectives do not go in harmony with the objectives of the site, free competition, our interests.

1. Protection of privacy
By registering in the system, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page. Your data may be used by our company or partner company for purposes in which our activity operates and/or human resources, statistical, commercial, public services, advertising, public relations, analysis, further processing, etc.
All the information of our portal is collected in our database, which is located in legally licensed hosting companies, even after “Deactivating your account” they can be archived for technical and legal reasons.
Server logs and other data may be collected for technical, security, etc. purposes. We may share information about system users if required to do so by law or if such sharing is necessary to respond to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process.
The persons/companies registered in the system are responsible for the truth of the data in the system. reserves the right to verify any possible information found on the platform.
We work at every moment to enable a system that is as secure and up-to-date as possible in order to create a secure platform.

2. Your personal data, data for publication and others!
We collect your contact data and your e-mail addresses for purposes such as sending confirmation e-mails, marketing notices, periodic notices from our portal or notices from third parties according to the laws in force and the notice for the publication of notices with interest for you.

To ensure your data and the truth of the information, reserves the right to verify each announcement before and after the official announcement on the portal.
2.1. Law for the Protection of Personal Data
The Personal Data Protection Law defines sensitive data as data related to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, trade union membership, faith, religious or philosophical convictions, as well as data on health and sex life. does not usually request information on sensitive data from clients or users of its services, but in the event that it collects such data, it will be used in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Based on the type of activity we perform and for the highest quality service, we may share sensitive data with our suppliers and subcontractors to keep your data up to date.
2.2. Distribution of your data to 3rd parties
By accepting the rules and conditions on this page, you give us the right that your data can be transferred or published to third parties. For example Publication of your announcements on social networks, partner portals, etc.

3. Intellectual Property Right
3.1. All elements of the site are intellectual property (including texts, images, photos, html, php code and other codes, works protected by copyright that are used in from third parties. Members may not resell, distribute, publish, reproduce or create other derivatives, or allow other persons to access or use the services of through their account and password for purposes that are not in line with this regulation, otherwise they will be obliged to compensate the lost profit of for the damage caused, including legal costs in case that the case is resolved by a court as well as the costs of the defense attorney.
3.2. All assets, on the site and personal rights, including services, information, copyrights, trademarks, subdomains, as well as any material or intellectual property owned by, all rights on commercial information are reserved.
3.3. The member accepts, declares and undertakes to adhere to and follow the rules regarding the use of the name and logo of

4. Cookies may use cookies to collect technical information for certain statistical data and use of services on the website. Technical information collected may include the protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer or device to the Internet, your identification information, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser types and versions, operating system and platform, etc.
On our site, information can be collected from other operators such as Google (Analytics, search console, etc.) and Facebook, certified according to international standards that mainly serve to measure and develop the site’s performance.

5. Regulation of publication of notices
I agree with the rules of publication of notices and I will stay constantly informed about possible updates.

Rules for publication of notices
1. Objectives and objectives is an online platform and through this platform we publish on the Internet announcements of interest for commercial, individual and professional activities. People use our services to offer/find business opportunities, solutions to needs, to connect with other people and to find information. Our objective is to provide quality service, easy to use, clear and understandable for a wide public. Our goal is that through this platform, people can achieve a good and fast communication with interested parties.

2. Publication of the notice
After becoming a member at, you will be provided with an account which is accessed through e-mail and password. With the created account, you will be able to send and publish notifications according to the possibilities that the platform offers. By clicking send notification, you can fill out the form for sending the notification. After you send the notification, the staff checks it and if it is in accordance with the regulation, it is published (except in the case of accounts with automatic publications, without staff control.) After the notification is published, the publisher can receive the desired contacts. In addition to this platform, the announcement can also be distributed on other platforms in which the page has cooperation and has given authorization. On the contrary, any re-distributor is in violation of the law.

3. Duration of publication of the notice gives you the possibility of publishing the announcement online for at least 1 month. After this period, a fixed date of deletion is not determined (because the subscriptions may be different for each notification and the deadlines cannot be determined). The publisher can decide to delete the announcement at any moment he wants. The deletion of the notification is stored in the platform database for at least 2 months. Then it can be hidden forever.

4. The cost of publishing the announcement applies fixed prices based on the selected package and options.

5. Payment methods
The forms of payment are:
5.1. Online with credit card
5.2. Bank Transfers from E-banking

6.What is not allowed in the posts of the real estate sector:
6.1. It is not allowed to place the phone number or other contacts outside the allowed position. For example it is not allowed to place contacts in the photo, title or description.
6.2. It is not allowed to place photos that are not related to the published object.
6.3. It is not allowed to set the url to fish visitors.
6.4. It is not allowed to place photos from publishers with a very poor quality or that are not orienting for the interested visitor.
6.5. It is not allowed to publish properties that have legal problems, you are not authorized to publish them, they are seized or have problems with the law and cannot be alienated.
6.6. It is not allowed to open several accounts to benefit for free or to enter false data to manipulate the system.

7. Changes and Updates
This regulation can be changed and updated to adapt to:
7.1. Laws of the Republic of Albania.
7.2. Market developments and adaptation to them.
7.3. Our business interests and strategies and/or the groups of companies we belong to.

8. Termination of the agreement
This relationship can be broken by the will of the parties. reserves the right to terminate the relationship at any time without being obliged to give a reason.

9. Help and contacts
For questions and answers click here or you can write to us at