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The history of CENTURY 21®

CENTURY 21 was created in 1971 when real estate agents Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher opened their first office in Orange Country, California (USA). In the late 1970s, CENTURY 21 had become the real estate unit in America for the number and volume of transactions as well as the quality of the services provided. In terms of global growth, it has been one year of progress since 1998, where the company was self-positioned in China, thus taking one of the world’s largest markets.

Century 21 Real Estate LLC (century21.com) is the franchisee of the world’s largest real estate sales organization that provides comprehensive training, management, administrative support and marketing for the CENTURY 21 System. The system includes more than 14.500 offices Franchises that operate and are independently owned by over 145,000 sales associates, in 86 countries and territories around the world. Century 21 Real Estate LLC is part of the Realogy Corporation, the global real estate corporation and relocation services. Century 21 Albania operates in the country from the year 2008 and it currently has 38 offices in six cities – Tirana, Durrës, Shkodër, Vlora, Saranda & Korça. 

© 2021 Century 21 Real Estate LLC. CENTURY 21 is a registered trademark of CENTURY 21 LLC Real Estate. A company offering Equal Housing Opportunities. Any CENTURY 21 office, operates and is in Independent Ownership.

Advantages of the franchise system ®


At CENTURY 21, we share a simple and common purpose with our franchisees: success. For this purpose, we maintain a close relationship with our Franchisee, supporting them with tools and programs that are proven and help in achieving their goals. As a world leader, CENTURY 21 system will help you develop a successful business in the real estate market in Albania, through proven methods of 50 years in 86 countries around the world, such as USA, France, England, Turkey, Greece, Spain or Australia, providing the market leader with an image recognized by customers, business partners and competitors. We offer high technology tools to the website, contact programs, marketing support to name just a few areas. The CENTURY 21 system is designed to remind you that you operate in business independently but are not alone.

Support and traning

The CENTURY 21 system is designed to support any franchisee in the tire business needs, as well as keep the agents informed of the latest developments in Real Estate. You will benefit from a whole range of tools, programs and systems that have been set up to help you and your agents achieve a greater success.
1). Business Counselors: Every Franchisee CENTURY 21 helps consultants to help business and tire operate efficiently and cost effectively. This trusted partner directs the franchisees through all aspects of business start-up and operation.
2).Training: The CENTURY 21 training program is designed to give brokers and agents the opportunity to learn in their environment for them to feel enjoyable in the training classroom, the virtual classroom, and the online module. We are proud to affirm that our training program has been rated in the 100th Senior Magazine Training Magazine for years.Technology: The CENTURY 21 system has built an avant-garde technological platform, web tools and social media. Agents are supported by a client-oriented website Century21.com and Century21albania.com, as well as our comprehensive intranet system. In addition, any 21-year network agent is offered an account on 21online.com, where virtual training courses and the Business Builder program are offered, enabling each of us to operate a few steps ahead of the competition. CENTURY 21 is also active in the ever-growing social media market with tools and dialogs on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Brand and Marketing

Like CENTURY 21 Franchisee, you will benefit from the gold standard of a well-known global brand. The CENTURY 21 brand is the most recognized brand in the real estate industry with 94% of customers’ knowledge.

CENTURY 21 programs are an effective combination of media / PR, television, print, online and offline advertising, sending our messages to millions of customers – and at your doorstep. The strategic placement of our advertising is designed to reach the broader spectrum of buyers and sellers.

Recruitment and development

With the support of a staff of professionals in the industry, with training classes and evaluation programs that recognize the achievements of your agents, the CENTURY 21 system will help you recruit, train, and retain the best talents in the industry . A further benefit when joining the CENTURY 21 family is the opportunity for you and your agents to attend our events and become acquainted with your company and your individual achievements.
Take advantage of the 50-year experience in the field of real estate of our group CENTURY 21 and Realogy in the United States. This experience will be transmitted to you and your agents through our ongoing support, but also through personalized training courses on a continuous basis:
International Management Academy organized course for managers and owners of real estate agencies, members of CENTURY 21 CREATE 21 course dedicated to your team, agents and sales associates.


In today’s advanced technology world, the internet is a powerful tool for success in the Real Estate market. The CENTURY 21 system is built with this in mind, and includes interactive tools, resources and technology that evolves with the steps of time.
Century21.com , the winning website, generates hundreds of thousands of requests from millions of unique visitors every year. Exclusively usable for agents and brokers of CENTURY 21. 21online.com is a portal for brokerage, about products and listing for sale, as well as the use of prospecting tools and electronic network. Agents can be online, learn constantly and be kept informed of the latest developments and infromations in the industry.

On our international website www.century21.com and www.century21albania.com , it is easy to find information on property sales. List of real estate or any information you need to know before you sell or buy a home, get in the comfort of your home or office using the internet.

These tools work hard to market your listing.